Tsaf Tsouf

The children’s camp "Tsaf Tsouf" began to operate in 1992 and is located on the picturesque beach Orfanio Kavala at Strimonikos bay. Created to offer unique experiences to its campers, children aged 6-15 years, through an eco-educational program with many sports and recreational activities. Located on the 98th km of Egnatia Highway/ Thessaloniki – Kavala.
The crystal clear sea, marked with the blue EU flag combines shallow waters and golden sands. The camp operates on an area of ​​53 acres filled with a variety of trees, shrubs and flowers. The beautiful and mostly cool natural environment fits perfectly with the campers stay in specially designed train wagons.
For the past 20 years that the children’s camp "Tsaf Tsouf" operates, the experienced executives are always on the side of campers to assist children to enjoy their summer vacation with recreation, games, imaginative activities and safety.
The right to well being addresses to all of us.
We are waiting you!!!!


8 reasons to spend your summer holiday in Tsaf Tsouf

  1. A lot of fun, with millions of smiling faces since 1992
  2. New experiences from many enthusiast activities
  3. A variety of stimuli that are given generously to children
  4. New friends from all over Greece and around the world
  5. Great quality in children’s holiday, based on our professional partners
  6. Assured safety of our campers thanks to our experienced staff and our facilities
  7. Life skills. Children learn confidence and independence
  8. Excellent personal service since we are functioning with great professionalism and passion


Α’ PERIOD 17 June– 9 July
Β’PERIOD 9 July– 31 July
Γ ‘PERIOD 31 July– 22 August
Δ’PERIOD 22 August– 5 September
(for people with disabilities)


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