Since 2000, TsafTsouf accommodates the program “BEYOND THE BORDERS”. You can see the great success of the program in the smiles of the participants but also in their parents thank for the unrepeatable experience that they live each year.

Our aim is to offer a lifetime experience. Living in a magical, warm and safe place, participants can feel free, enjoy, be active and make friends, for few days away from their families.

Because our concern is to offer more specific and safer living conditions for our campers, we created a scientific – medical team with reputable people who have rich experience in organizing camps for persons with disabilities.

Our goals are:

  • The development of capabilities of each person
  • Meeting and living with different people outdoor
  • Entertainment through a special program
  • The development of self-preservation and self-service

In this program can participate:

  • Personswithdisabilitiesfrombothsexes, aged 6-40 yearsold.
  • People with mild and moderate mental retardation.
  • People with Down Syndrome
  • People with mobility disabilities
  • Deaf persons
  • Blind persons
  • Persons with multiple disabilities or combination of the above
  • Autistic persons



The participants of the program are staying in specially designed train wagons with accessibility. We allocate them by strict criteria and take into account their gender, age, disability, but also theirs and their parents’ wishes. Their escorts are living with them in the same wagon.


Our staff has a strong and lots of years of experience in organizing camping for persons with disabilities. Our escorts are mainly relevant students or professionals. We choose them very carefully.

It is very important to clarify that the scientific committee which will monitor the participants, consists of social workers, psychologists, special educators, occupational therapists and physiotherapists.

The committee will contact the parents of the participants before the program starts but also during the program if it is necessary.

Duration of the program

This year the program will take place for 15 days, from 23 of August till 6 of September.

To help the parents the most, we will provide transportation with special staff who can escort the participants from their place to the camp.

Integration Program “TOGETHER”

During the first and third period of the camp we are organizing an integration program for children with disabilities. The program can accommodate 15 kids with their escorts who will help them to participate to the program of the camp.

Thegoaloftheprogramistwofold. We would like to offer to them a different choice of summer holidays-As we know till today their only choice was to participate to the period which only persons with disabilities can participate-But also we would like to offer a common place with the kids from the other periods. The participants will be able to coexist on equal procedures with activities that can help them, like playing all together.

The philosophy of the program, furthermore than our thesis that to be different is our right, contains also the thesis that to be different is a term of existence and a key element of our social life.  It is a prerequisite of learning and development of all.

How we organize our day: (accommodation, entertainment etc.)

The program is the same with the main daily program of the camp. The participants are following the same program with all the campers from morning till night

Indicative program:

  • 8.30 start of the day
  • 9.00 break fast
  • 9.30 tiding the wagon
  • 11.00 sea or swimming pool
  • 12.30 shower
  • 13.30 lunch
  • 15.00 rest
  • 17.00 afternoon snack
  • 18.00 – 20.00 afternoonactivities (art, theatre, sports etc.)
  • 20.30 dinner
  • 21.30 eveningentertainment(games, dance, music, competitions)
  • 23.00 end of the day

Escorts for persons with disabilities.

Information: Contactuson (+30) 2310 552 522, sowecandiscussthedetailsoftheprogram.